Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Funfun 21-24

6 Feb 2011

Left "CNY Wish"

Middle "Generosity"
1. Inflation, need to shrink down angpau... 2.ya,need to cut down some expenses after CNY...4.Don't worry, I donate all my angpau./ Wow so many!

Right "Raining Season"
2. Papa, many places are flooded! 3.Ya, it's been raining for days... 4.Then they can't celebrate CNY...
13 Feb 2011

Left "Spring Song"
1.Spring is not the season for study. 2.There are people everywhere in the mall./ Sigh~ 3.Summer is the season for rest. 4.I hope everyday is CNY.

Middle "Long Gas King"
1. Papa was "Long Gas King" years ago./ Is it? Let's challenge. 3.hoo~can't breathe. 4.Is "No Gas King" I guess.

Right "A False Alarm"
1.So long. 2.Missing! 3.Funfun! Funfun! 4.Papa, I am here, you are so lousy./ Quickly come back, scare me!
20 Feb 2011

Left "2525"
2.Papa let's play a game, you say 2525(mandarin) quickly ten times. 525252...Faster, faster... 4.52525252/ haha, papa is barking.

Middle "25252"
1. Mama are you free? Let's play a game.../ O.K. 2.You say 2525(mandarin) quickly ten times.../25. 3.252525/2525. 4.haha, mama is barking mama./25

Right "Barking Family"
1.25252525. 2.25252525.3.What are you taking? 4.This is a secret.
28 Feb 2011

Left "Milk"
2.Papa, you say milk quickly ten times. 4.What does cow drink?/ Milk/ Haha.

Right "Pillow Papa"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funfun 020

31 Jan 2011

Left "The Road is Long"
1.Papa, are we there yet?/ Soon. 3.Papa, are we there yet?/ Soon.

Middle "CNY Greeting"

Right "zzz"
1. Almost there.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Funfun 019

23 Jan 2011

Left "CNY is Coming!"
3.So happy? 4.The New Year songs sound so happy!

Middle "Man's Drink"
2. Papa, what are you drinking?/Kopi O, wanna try? 4.Yerk! Taste bad.../Haha, this is Man's drink...

Right "Shopping"
2.What happen? 3.Shopping is tiring~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Funfun 018

16 Jan 2011

Left "Hometown"
1. Where is everyone's hometown?/ Return to hometown during CNY season. 2.J.B./ Ipoh/ Melacca 3.My hometown is at K.L. no need to go back. 4.So pity.

Middle "Real Intention"
1. Hello, is it Grandpa? 2. How are you? 3.We are visiting you during CNY. 4.Don't forget my AngPau ah!

Right "Hair Cut"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Funfun 017

9 Jan 2011

Left "New Year Wish I"
1. Papa, what is your new year wish? 2.Hmm... 3.Hmm... 4.Sometimes you should really think about your future.

Middle "New Year Wish II"
1. Mama, what is your new year wish? 2.I hope that Funfun will grow up faster. 3.How do your know? 4.Is same like last year and last last year./ Oh really?

Right "New Year Wish III"
1. Grandma, what is your new year wish? 2.To slim down. 4.Haha.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Funfun 016

3 Jan 2011

Left "Boring Comic"
1. Papa, what comic are you drawing? 2.It's about father and son. 3. Sound so boring...4. You should have drawn Ultraman vs Gozilla.

Middle "Watch out Spy"
4. Shy~spy

Right "Imagination"
1. Papa, is there alien?/ Maybe yes... 2. Look! Alien!/ That's aeroplane. 4.Your imagination is bad!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Funfun 015

19 Dec 2010

Left "Merry Christmas"
3. What happen? 4. I'm happy~

Middle "Surprise"

Right "Surprise II"