Sunday, November 7, 2010

Funfun 011

Serialize in Nanyang Weekly every Sunday (7 Nov 2010)

Left "Little Invention":
1. It's raining... /Mum's driven the car away... /I definitely will wet my shoes if we walk to school. 2. I've got an idea. 3. Wrap it up with plastic beg. This is Grandma's invention.

Middle "My Ambition":
1. The title of writing today is "My Ambition". 3. Funfun, this is writing class, not drawing class...4. But my ambition is to become an artist! /Oh~

Right " My Ambition II":
1. The title of writing class today is "My Ambition". 2. I said I want to be artist. /Oh~love drawing so much. 4. It's also not bad to become a inventor. /Haha, alright!

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