Sunday, November 28, 2010

Funfun 013

Serialize in Nanyang Weekly every Sunday (28 Nov 2010)

Left "Lame Magic":
1. Papa, can you do magic trick?/ Of Course. 2. one finger.../plus another one 3.Pay attention...The Magic Moment...4.Ha!/ Two become one/ So lame...

Middle "Lame Magic Master":
1. Mama, can you do magic trick?/ Can. 2.Look, one another one 3.Ha! Two become one 4. So lame, must be from Papa./ Hehe

Right "Lame Student":
1.Grandma, let me show you a magic trick. 2.Look, one finger plus another one. 3.Ha! Two become one! 4. How was it?/ So lame! /Hehe